Solar Pod LED Lanterns Grid Free Light for Home, Business, and Recreation

Solar Pod LED Lantern SPL65, Rechargeable LED Lantern

Stand-alone Solar Lanterns. Light Wherever You Require

Solar Pod LED lanterns provide a stand-alone lighting solution, eliminating the need for a hardwired electrical power supply. Three models, SPL65, SPL50, and SPL30, accommodate a variety of light output and use requirements. These unique hockey puck size LED lights provide a versatile maintenance free lighting solution for home, commercial, agricultural, festival, and off grid locations. Typical installations are rooftop insertion into sheds, out-buildings, and portable restrooms. Solar pod lights also work well as yard landscaping luminaires and as emergency lanterns.   

Solar Pod LED Lantern SPL65

SPL65 is a premium solar lantern proudly Made in the USA. Four high intensity LEDs emit 65-lumens of light illuminating a 100-square foot area. SPL65 is manufactured with a quality solar panel that fully charges its four replaceable 2200 milliamp AA NiMH batteries in 10-hours or less. The rechargeable batteries power light operation for up to 30-hours.

A two-position switch allows for manual operation. Also installed is a photocell sensor supporting automatic and continuous light operation. SPL65 low profile design only protrudes ¼ inch above a roofline and the lantern withstands Fahrenheit temperatures ranging from minus 4 below zero to 176 degrees above.

Solar pod is becoming the lantern of choice for portable restroom installation improving security and comfort for bathroom users at festivals and construction work sites. The sealed light withstands portable restroom washdowns and its tamper proof double lock design discourages vandalism.

Solar Pod LED Lantern SPL65 supports compliance with California regulations requiring employers to provide illuminated restrooms for nighttime workers. The lantern is also ideal for properties that are off grid or frequently impacted by unreliable power supplies. This situation is particularly true in countries where electrical power is unreliable or disrupted.

Solar Pod LED Lantern SPL50 and SPL30

Complementing Solar Pod Lantern SPL65 is SPL50 and SPL30. As the model number presents these lanterns emit 50 and 30 lumens of light, respectively. Both lights are suitable for rooftop installation in sheds and porta potties, and landscape illumination.

Solar pod lights are also handy during power outages caused by severe weather and outdoor outings including camping trips. SPL50 utilizes a lithium-ion battery to power its eight LEDs. Separately, SPL30 uses a NiMH battery to power its 5 LEDs. The batteries in both lights are soldered in place and not intended for replacement.

A Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor activates the light for 40-second intervals. Periodic or continuous motion keeps a light operating. To avoid PIR misreading, the manufacturer recommends installation in locations not impacted by strong airflow including flow emissions from air conditioners and heat exhaust units.  

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