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Crank Flashlights | Vortex and SL1 Rechargeable LED Flashlights and Lanterns

Crank flashlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These rechargeable LED flashlights typically incorporate a NiMH battery as found in the Vortex Crank Flashlight. Only the LightStorm SL1 Crank Flashlight and Lantern utilizes a gold film capacitor. The capacitor energy storage resulted from engineering designs originally incorporated into the NightStar shake flashlights.

Vortex rechargeable flashlight is a multi-functional handheld light that operates as a spotlight, floodlight, and emergency beacon. This LED crank flashlight is capable of everyday use and is particularly well suited for operation as an emergency flashlight. Vortex rugged ABS plastic housing and robust drive gear qualifies it as the best safety flashlight. Supporting this claim is the ability of this waterproof flashlight to withstand underwater submersion and water surface flotation. In addition, the flashlight charges cell phones and the stroboscopic light can be seen for miles. Ideal for emergency rescue on land and sea.

Capacitor energy storage SL1 crank flashlight and lantern is ideal for emergency kits and because of its lightweight design equally good as a backpacking lantern. Rechargeable flashlight SL1 requires zero maintenance, allowing decades of worry-free operation. SL1 like its NiMH battery counterpart Vortex Flashlight operates as a spotlight, floodlight and flashing red LED emergency beacon. Additional features include a retractable hook for vertical suspension and charging port for low voltage devices like cell phones.

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