Best Handheld Solar Light for Camping and Outdoor Use

Handheld Solar Light

The choice is in your hands! Choose the Best Handheld Solar Light for Camping. 

Handheld solar lights provide flexible illumination for Camping. The Great Outdoors. Roughing It. No matter how you refer to it, spending time with Mother Nature always poses the need to be prepared. In those dark, starry nights out in the wilderness, the prepared camper must always have a bright, durable, and reliable light source on hand. EcoCentricNow provides an excellent selection of the best handheld solar lights for camping! 

Fusion Solar Flashlight 

Durable, sleek, and reliable, this solar flashlight is as important to have by your side as a quality pocketknife when camping. The Fusion Solar Flashlight withstands the trials of camping with its aircraft aluminum housing, rendering it water and shock resistant. The compact length of 4.5” fits nicely into your pocket, providing comfort and mobility on your person, without hindering movement. The polycrystalline solar panel fully restores charge to the 2200mAh NiMH in just 4 hours. The 3-LED module casts the 15 lumens beam up to 25 feet, easily illuminating your path. The 6” lanyard secures nicely around your wrist and when attached to your daypack or backpack allows for daytime charging. Easily considered one of the best solar lights for camping. 

Solar Lanterns SP30 and SP50 

Powered by either a NiMH (SP30) or lithium-ion (SP50) battery, the SP30 and SP50 provide up to 12 hours of continuous illumination! With lumen output at 30lm and 50lm, respectively, each pod light provides illumination for an area of 100 square feet, making it a smart choice for lighting up your outdoor camping area, or even inside your tent. Pod light handsfree automatic activation is accomplished by the installed photocell sensor or Passive Infrared Motion Sensor. When area or enclosure illumination is your requirement, the SP30 and SP50 are great solar light options for camping. 

Solar Pod Light SP65 

Taking your camping lighting capabilities to the next level, the Solar Pod Light SP65 goes above-and-beyond, stretching lumen output and battery life further than our previously mentioned pod lights. On a full charge, the SP65 emits 65 lumens of continuous lighting for up to 30 hours!  

The weatherproof, double-lock construction makes this the ideal solar pod light for camping and other off-grid uses. Able to handle any condition the outdoors may throw at it, this roof-mountable, solar-rechargeable pod light is the perfect fit for illuminating campsites, outdoor areas, portable restrooms, and other enclosures.  

Ultimate Solar Flashlight – Premium Handheld Solar Lighting

Do you need a USA manufactured handheld solar flashlight on your next camping trip that handles all your lighting needs? One that operates as a flashlight, floodlight, and lantern. Then have a look at the Ultimate Solar Flashlight. Customizable with several different, interchangeable heads, the USF versatility allows use flexibility not found in any other solar or battery powered flashlight.

Various length flex-tube attachments permit the user to illuminate hard-to-reach areas or provide lantern illumination. The 1W and 3W spotlights provide extended throw distance lighting, and the 7-LED flood light attachment casts a wide-angle beam. Collectively these features define USF as a premium handheld solar flashlight.

Other accessories included are a red and green light filter to reduce eye strain and enhance object features, and a magnetic base for hands-free operation. Also available is the Light Finder Glow-in-the Dark Holster that provides a convenient, easy-to-find storage option for the USF. With such versatility, the Ultimate Solar Flashlight and accessories leave no doubt about its ranking as one of the best handheld solar lights.

Solar Headlight 

Your hands are one of your most important tools when camping, so how do we make sure they are at your full disposal while working in the dark? By utilizing our hands-free Solar Headlight! Just slip the headband on and let the 4 LEDs illuminate the world around you. Perfect for lighting the trail ahead, changing that flat tire on the side of the road, or safely walking around your campsite. The Solar Headlight is a great option to keep you safe when the sun goes down. Power comes from either the detachable .25-watt, 5-volt solar panel or replaceable CR2032 alkaline batteries, meaning you’ll never be without light. 

Available separately are optional micro-USB 12 volt and 120-volt chargers, adding to the Solar Headlights charging capabilities.  

Whether it be area illumination, hands-free versatility, or lighting power, EcoCentricNow has a complete arsenal of the best handheld solar lighting products capable of supplying all your camping lighting needs! 


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