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East Coast Earthquake of 2024. Natural Disaster Alert for the Tri-state Area.

East coast earthquake location shown on map

On April 5th, 2024, residents in New Jersey, New York, Pennsyvania and beyond experienced a moderate earthquake. A natural phenomenon that is unusual for the U.S. east coast. Measuring magnitude 4.8 on the Richter scale the widespread shaking fortunately only caused minor damage. Although the physical ramifications were negligible the phycological effect of the ground […]

Shake Flashlight Demand Following Japan’s Noto Peninsula Earthquake

Rescuers survey earthquake damage.

A rising demand for shake flashlights by Japan emergency responders is taking place because of a devastating 7.6-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan’s Ishikawa on January 1, 2024. The quake caused at least 232 confirmed deaths, with Wajima City severely affected. The popular Wajima Morning Market suffered extensive damage, resulting in additional casualties. The earthquake caused […]

Winter Emergency Preparedness: A Guide to Keeping Safe and Secure

Winter Emergency Preparedness

Winter is a season of snowflakes, warm clothes and blankets, and the joy of holiday festivities. Winter also brings many safety challenges as well. Challenges that demand a proactive approach to ensure you and your family are winter-ready. Prepare to conquer cold temperatures and freezing conditions with our Winter Emergency Preparedness guide. Tips for a […]

How Bright Should a Survival Flashlight Be? Is Beam Output the Only Consideration?

survival flashlight

Survival Flashlight: The Brightest Flashlight is Frequently Not the Best Choice. How Bright Should a Survival Flashlight Be? We all know seeing in the dark is essential for safety and enduring difficult situations. We also know a critical tool for viewing your surroundings during a power outage or during an outdoor adventure like camping, hiking, […]