Blue Ocean Competitions

Renewable Energy Powering the Blue Economy

Powering the Blue Economy The U.S. Department of Energy continues to promote a series of competitions focused on Powering the Blue Economy. As the name implies these competitions tackle a range of ocean related business development opportunities. The competition “seeks innovators to integrate marine renewable energy with ocean observation platforms, ultimately revolutionizing our capability to […]

Rebate Programs – Understanding the Roadblocks!

Rebate from Utility and Govt Agencies

Understanding rebate program requirements from utilities or government backed programs can be a headache. The gambit of obstacles requiring navigation are numerous and time consuming to address. Understanding Rebate Roadblocks Rebate programs typically have set budgets. Once the money’s gone program incentives are either concluded or suspended until monies are reauthorized. The types and mixture […]

Are Tax Breaks Forthcoming for the Renewable Energy Sector?

Renewable Energy includes Solar, Wind, Hydro and Energy Storage

So, are the extension and/or expansion of tax breaks forthcoming for the renewable energy industry?  This is a possibility if draft legislation proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee is passed. The impetus driving the legislation is supporting and investing in technologies that combat climate change. The proposed bill builds on existing tax incentives […]

Emergency Preparedness – Are You Ready? Supply Requirements.

Emergency Preparedness Safety Equipment and Planning

Do you remember a time when there was a break between one weather related natural disaster season to another? A typical calendar year started with blizzards, to flooding, to tornados, to hurricanes, to fire storms then back to snow and ice. Even though these cycles continue there is a merger of disaster seasons where a […]

2018 Was a Very Good Year for Wind Power

Wind Energy wind turbines generating clean energy

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2018 report on Wind Power electricity generation shows a booming industry year. The report addresses costs and performance for three installation sectors including land based, offshore and distributed wind.  Distributed wind is categorized as small and localized wind powered systems providing electricity to homes, farms, businesses, public facilities and the […]

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Light Quality Considerations for the V5.0 2020 Standard

DesignLights Consortium Quality Considerations for 2020 Standard V5.0

DesignLights Consortium Light Quality Considerations for V5.0 DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is a voluntary certification program focusing on energy efficiency in the LED/SSL industry. It operates as a resource for the lighting industry, utility companies and others striving to improve higher LED performance. Product information is used by North American utility companies to establish criteria for […]

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Owners Embrace LED Lighting (Light Bulbs)

LED Luminaires Improve Occupant Comfort

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Owners Embrace LED Lighting (Light Bulbs) LED lighting is transitioning how homes and businesses illuminate interior and exterior spaces. In fact, the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) reports 29% of U.S. households use at minimum one LED bulb in their residence. In April 2016, 86% of surveyed households report using […]

Mercury – Uses and Effects. Choose mercury free batteries and LED lights from

Mercury (Hg)

Mercury – Uses and Effects If you’re old enough you may remember the days when mercury was available to move freely across the table in high school science class. Those days are gone and for good reason. A naturally occurring element, mercury is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements as number 80 with symbol […]

Bravoled Lighting. Interior and Exterior Luminaires.

Interior LED Lighting

Bravoled LED Lighting – Interior and Exterior Illumination Bravoled lighting is changing the residential, commercial and industrial property landscape by delivering LED lights for interior and exterior installation. Payback comes in many forms. Lighting reduces eye strain, improves worker productivity, lowers energy consumption, which reduces greenhouse gases. In addition, LED luminaires enhance property security and […]

How to Select Your LED Light Manufacturer and Supplier

LED Light Manufacturer Bravoled

How to Select Your LED Light Manufacturer LED light manufacturer’s are not equal. There are a number of factors worthy of consideration when selecting a LED light supplier. For starters how long has the light manufacturer been in business? Although LED technology has been around for approximately 70 years the manufacturing of the wide assortment […]