Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Owners Embrace LED Lighting (Light Bulbs)


Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Owners Embrace LED Lighting (Light Bulbs) LED lighting is transitioning how homes and businesses illuminate interior and exterior spaces. In fact, the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) reports 29% of U.S. households use at minimum one LED bulb in their residence. In April 2016, 86% of surveyed households report using […]

Mercury – Uses and Effects. Choose mercury free batteries and LED lights from

Mercury (Hg)

Mercury – Uses and Effects If you’re old enough you may remember the days when mercury was available to move freely across the table in high school science class. Those days are gone and for good reason. A naturally occurring element, mercury is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements as number 80 with symbol […]

Bravoled LED Lighting. Interior and Exterior Luminaires of Exceptional Quality and Performance

Interior LED Lighting

Bravoled LED Lighting – Interior and Exterior Illumination Bravoled LED lighting is changing the commercial, industrial and residential property landscape by delivering a variety of benefits. Paybacks come in many forms including improved lighting for work and play, lower energy consumption with the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gases, enhanced security, new ways of expressing architectural […]

How to Select Your LED Light Manufacturer and Supplier

LED Light Manufacturer Bravoled

How to Select Your LED Light Manufacturer LED light manufacturer’s are not equal. There are a number of factors worthy of consideration when selecting a LED light supplier. For starters how long has the light manufacturer been in business? Although LED technology has been around for approximately 70 years the manufacturing of the wide assortment […]

SSL Technology Stories – Fact or Fiction Industry News

SSL Technology

SSL Technology Stories – Fact or Fiction Industry News SSL technology advancements are constantly marketed to promote the range of benefits SSL provides. Driving these marketing efforts is SSL industry executives interested in obtaining a return on investment and other stakeholders whose livelihoods depend on the sale of LED merchandise. Pathways that significantly support marketing exposure are the […]

White Light – What is It | Is a White Light Standard on Its Way

White light interior LED panel

White Light – What is It? Ask someone what is white light and they’re challenged to provide an answer. No reason to feel alone for there is No clear definition. Organizations including IES, IALD, CIE, IEEE, ANSI and NEMA have not agreed upon a standard with no near term agreement in sight. This lack of […]

LED Lighting Popularity Continues to Grow

LED Lighting Popularity

LED Lighting Popularity LED lighting popularity is a trend destined to see wider acceptance in 2015 and beyond. LED lighting ranging from seasonal Christmas lights to street lights and everything inbetween continues to be accepted by home owners, building management firms and facility departments overseeing operations in properties ranging from commercial to industrial. Cities across the […]