LED Energy Saving Lighting; Africa Phasing Out CFLs

LED energy saving lighting Africa CFL Elimination

Africa Region requesting the global lighting industry to support an amendment to mercury-lamp phase-out plans. In 2021, Roger Baro wrote to LEDs Magazine highlighting the significance of phasing out fluorescent lights that contain mercury through the Minamata Convention on Mercury C0P4 on behalf of the African region. The governments are working to phase out the […]

Educational Equality in the United States. How STEM Supports Child Development.

Education equality Always Seek Knowledge

Educational equality is highly valued and necessary for all students. In the United States education system learning disparities between racial and ethnic groups is widespread. Researchers continue to investigate why inequality arises, exists, and which populations of children are most affected. A well-rounded quality education is essential for children, their careers, and society. Educational equality […]

Best emergency flashlight for the Home, Car Emergency Kit, and First Aid Kit

Best Emergency Flashlight Shake Light 40-B

Best emergency flashlight is an audacious claim. What exactly are the capabilities of a flashlight that deserves top billing recognition? What product attributes must be met that allows a flashlight to be recognized as the gold standard? Flashlight Attributes to Consider Attributes for defining the best emergency flashlight are light output, impact resistant housing and […]

Renewable Energy and the Societal Benefits of a Global Power Generation Transition

Renewable energy transition is essential for a sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Implementation Goes Beyond Power Generation and Global Warming   Power generation around the planet is being converted to renewable energy sources. Electrical energy is a critical element to our daily lives and dependence upon a reliable power grid is increasingly important. There are a variety of ways in which electricity is generated including the […]

Environmental Stewardship Education. Learning and Practicing Conservation and Sustainability.

Environmental Stewardship Education Nature's Beauty

Earth’s rapidly changing environment impacts everybody regardless of location. Environmental stewardship education includes youth and adult students alike. With increasing evidence of negative human impact on the environment which includes rising oceans, destructive severe weather, loss of wildlife habitat and extinction of large numbers of animal and plant species, its critical ecological awareness is taught […]

How Bright Should a Survival Flashlight Be? Is Beam Output the Only Consideration?

survival flashlight

Survival Flashlight: The Brightest Flashlight is Frequently Not the Best Choice. How Bright Should a Survival Flashlight Be? We all know seeing in the dark is essential for safety and enduring difficult situations. We also know a critical tool for viewing your surroundings during a power outage or during an outdoor adventure like camping, hiking, […]

NEED Project Stem Education. Harnessing the Energy of the Classroom.

NEED Project Stem Education Students Learning

EcocentricNow is proud to partner with the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) to strengthen its hands-on STEM experiences and curriculum. NEED trains and assists teachers across the country in harnessing the energy of the classroom

Seven Elements of STEM Education. Unique Approaches to Learning.


“Empowering Learners with the Seven Elements of STEM Education: Knowledge, Collaboration, Creativity, Problem-solving, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Empathy.” Introduction Seven Elements of STEM Education is a unique approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It is based on a set of seven learning principles that emphasize the importance of collaboration, creativity, and problem […]

Best Flashlight Versatile Use Torches from Fuji EnviroMax at EcoCentricNow LLC

Best Flashlight Versatile Use Fuji Enviromax

Flexible feature handheld lighting. An assortment of use capabilities for work, safety, and fun activities. Sometimes you need a flashlight that provides a range of capabilities, a proverbial Swiss army knife of handheld lights. Fuji Enviromax Flashlight Models 127, 128, and 132 comprise their Best Flashlight Versatile Use line up. Individual models are less than […]

Oklahoma Renewable Energy Education Program Survey on STEM Education and Shake Flashlights

Stem Education Flashlights advance student learning.

EcocentricNow is proud to partner with the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Education Program to strengthen its hands-on STEM experiences and curriculum. ECN staff recently had the pleasure of interviewing OREEP representative, Tara Baker, on the importance of STEM education and how ECN’s innovative shake flashlight technology has been an asset to their statewide program. STEM stands […]