Emergency Preparedness Planning Considerations. How To Plan!

Emergency Preparedness Plan Considerations Safety Kit Supplies

Emergency Preparedness Plan Considerations – The “How To’s” Emergency preparedness plan considerations. Sometimes there is advanced warning of hazardous conditions as with hurricanes and winter storms. Other times, natural disasters such as tornados and earthquakes instantly create a life-threatening circumstance. Mr. Christy’s previous article defined Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management and emphasized the need to […]

Tornado Safety and Preparation – Violent Weather Arrives with Seasonal Changes

Tornado Safety and Preparation Twister Approaching

Tornado Safety and Preparation – Springtime warmth brings Severe Weather Outbreaks   This Tornado Safety and Preparation article is an extension of a recent post, https://ecocentricnow.com/environment-safety-health-emergency-management/, which addresses the benefits of getting ready for emergencies and disasters. I now take you from the 50,000-foot level to treetop level. Though Old Man Winter still has his teeth […]

Upcycling Used Plastics. New Products from Discarded Plastic & Organic Waste

Upcycling used plastics is a revolutionary technology

Upcycling Used Plastics Upcycling Used Plastics to Create Nanotubes and Clean Fuel Upcycling used plastics is a revolutionary technology developed to reduce plastic and agricultural organic waste. Through a two-step process these waste streams are blended to produce high-value products including carbon nanotubes and clean liquid fuel.   Organic waste can be any plant-based biomass product from […]

Emergency Management – The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Emergency Management - Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Emergency Management – Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery What is Emergency Management? Generally, the term refers to preparatory steps taken by a person or group to marginalize the impact an emergency or disaster, natural or man-made, presents. Its practice applies to all regions of the country and includes an individual’s home, work, and life’s activities. Specifically, […]

Nature Based Activities Enhances Overall Mental Wellbeing

Nature Based Activities Enhances Mental Wellbeing and Mood

Nature based activities for adults improve mood and generate positive emotions  Nature based activities for adults are growing in popularity. A recent study performed by The University of York, located in the United Kingdom, evaluated mental health benefits resulting from outdoor recreation. Basically, the study reinforced previous observations confirming adults who experience nature enhance their […]

STEM Project Based Learning – Hands-on Problem Solving

STEM Problem Based Learning

Educators and parents today are wondering what matters most in education: being able to learn material and answer questions on a test or apply that knowledge in life.

Solar Energy “greener” Cleaner Electricity. DOE Solar Future Study

Solar Energy DOE the Solar Future Study

Solar energy is fulfilling the need for a “greener” and cleaner source of electricity. According to “The Solar Futures” study completed by the Department of Energy, by the year 2035, solar power can potentially supply 40% of United States electricity demands.

Light Pollution Impacts and How We Can Reduce It?

Light Pollution impacts human and animal well being.

Light pollution is everywhere. The glow on the distant horizon of an approaching town or city. Attempting to look at the stars on a perfectly clear night only to see a few when you know a thousand points of light should be visible. Flying at night and gazing out the window to see dots of […]

The Environmental Impact of COVID-19

Covid-19 Environmental Impact is a Roller Coaster

Covid-19 presented a rollercoaster 2020 year for the environment. While a global pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy, the planet received a much-needed break from emissions-intensive sectors. Not only did large cities see some of the clearest skies in decades, but a surging trend in renewable energy could pave the way to similarly clear skies […]

DLC Horticultural Draft Policy V2.0

DLC Horticultural Draft Policy V2.0

DLC Releases Version 2.0 Updated Draft for Horticultural Lighting  New horticultural lighting standards are addressed in DLC’s 2.0 version. With a proposed effective date of January 4, 2021, Design Light Consortium (DLC) seeks comments by Tuesday June 16, 2020 for revisions to the proposed standard. Input should be submitted via the V2.0 Comment Form or by email to comments@desgnlights.org. DRAFT Technical Requirements for LED-based Lighting: Version 2.0  […]