Top Safety Lighting Products for First Responders

Safety Lighting for First Responders

When duty calls, the right light can save the day.

Disaster can strike at any time. First responders leap into action the second duty calls and they need tools they can trust that won’t fail them. When time is of the essence, reliable lighting can mean the difference between life or death. Durable, weatherproof, bright, and reliable safety lights ensure a First Responders can accomplish any task, even in the dark of night. 

Here is a list of Top Safety Lights for First Responders:

NSP1174-K01 Safety Flashlight

A vehicle accident on a dark road. Power outage at a busy intersection. In either scenario, a First Responder needs a safety light that can grab the attention of passerby’s and keep people out of harm’s way. Enter the NSP1174-K01 Safety Flashlight.

With a push of a button, the LED cluster illuminates at full power, grabbing the attention of anyone approaching the area. A second press, and the floodlight switches to a stroboscopic Amber light. This feature allows the user to direct pedestrian or vehicle traffic around any dangerous situation or obstacle. The NSP1174-K01 also houses a 150 Lumen flashlight, perfect for illuminating vehicles, dark areas, and to sweep a location that may have fallen into the dark during an emergency. Its multifunctional abilities allow the First Responder to easily switch between several tasks, making it a versatile tool. With run times of 10 hours (flashlight), 8 hours (LED flood light), and 24 hours (colored strobe), the NSP1174-K01 ensures you’re ready to handle any situation. No matter how much time is required. 

LED Road Flare Kit

Next in our lineup of top safety lights for First Responders is our LED Road Flare Kit. Not only designed for roadside use, the LED Road Flare Kit is equally capable as a water safety light. The waterproof body floats too. The magnetic base allows the user to attach the crush-proof light to any metallic metal surface. With 9 light patterns to choose from, you’re sure to attract the attention of rescue crews, mark off an area, redirect a traffic pattern, or simply provide an alert signal. Available in orange, yellow, or blue, these three, AC and DC chargeable flares have run times ranging from 9 hours to 60 hours, depending on the mode of illumination chosen. Whether on the roadside, on the water, or anywhere else, the LED Road Flare Kit safety lights are a must-have for any First Responder. 

LED Safety Batons

Another safety lighting option for First Responders is the LED Safety Baton Kit. Available in yellow, orange, or your choice of color combination, this kit comes with 3 batons, AC and DC charging adapters, and a flexible tripod stand. Waterproof, lightweight, and bright, the LED Safety Batons make a great light for safety personnel to direct traffic, identify detours, or operate as an SOS beacon. The light’s design also makes it safe to use around flammable liquids, or compressed gas, which pose dangerous threats during vehicle collisions or equipment spills. The shock resistance batons stay charged for 90 days, so you can grab your kit and feel secure knowing that they will be ready to use any time an emergency arises. 

Safety Light NSR-1514C Floodlight w/Tripod

Area illumination is an important aspect when investigating any vehicle accident, crime scene or other emergency. With the NSR-1514C Floodlight, you can be sure this safety light will provide ample illumination for whatever scenario unfolds. The lightweight 6061-T1 Aluminum housing attaches to a tripod and can be orientated to any position thanks to its swivel capability. If the tripod is not enough, this safety light also has an integrated magnetic base that allows for hands-free operation and expands on mounting capabilities. With two modes of operation (500 or 1,000 lumens), the NSR-1514C is sure to meet your lighting requirements. Four and eight hour runtimes, plus the option to charge the light by AC or DC power, keeps this safety light operational for a significant period. Leave no stone unturned by employing the NSR-1514C on your next assignment.

When an emergency strikes, First Responders need tools that will ensure their success when the stakes are the highest. With these safety lights in their arsenal, they can rest assured that their tools won’t let them down. That way you can focus directly on the task at hand. Make these lights part of your safety lighting tool kit today!

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