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LED Lighting for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties

Our LED lighting catalog reflects an assortment of USA warehouse interior and exterior LED lighting fixtures. Accommodating commercial and residential property installations, we offer luminaires from industry leading light manufacturers including Best Lighting Products and Bravoled.

Remaining at the forefront of LED lighting technology we frequently add new merchandise and accessories to accommodate the ever-evolving world of light design. Our luminaire selection undergoes performance reviews by state-of-the-art testing laboratories ensuring regulatory compliance and advance product value. Testing certifications include: DesignLights Consortium, Intertek Testing Laboratories, Energy Star, Underwriters Laboratories, RoHS and FCC.

Criteria for Correct Light Selection

LED lighting installations are subject to a range of conditions. Meeting our client’s needs we provide a selection of lights that deliver long life L70 ratings, a variety of lumen outputs and correlated color temperatures. In addition, our light selection addresses dimming capabilities and installation options for a range of substrates including sheetrock, drop ceilings, steel, brick, block and concrete. To accommodate installation surfaces, we offer an assortment of brackets and surface mount options as well as protective lens covers.

Lighting selection is defined by numerous factors including input power, lamp construction materials i.e. steel, aluminum or plastic, and intrusion protection rating against the elements. Furthermore, lens materials, input voltage, power factor, light output efficiency, color rendering and operational temperature are key in the selection process. Last and never least a manufacturer’s warranty of five years or longer.

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