Best Solar Flashlight for the Outdoor Enthusiast

best solar flashlights

Engaged in the wonders of the wild, every Outdoor Enthusiast knows that the flashlight is one of the most important tools to have on every adventure. As a safety device, or just a handy way to guide your path, the solar flashlight is a must-have on your next trip.

Here are some of the Best Solar Flashlights for camping and hiking:

EcoCentricNow Ultimate Solar Flashlight

The Ultimate Solar Flashlight from EcoCentricNow provides lighting versatility at its finest. The aircraft aluminum body provides shock and water resistance. Energy is stored in two, replaceable 2400mAh AA NiHM batteries that are rechargeable by the polycrystalline solar panel. Adding to the Ultimate Solar Flashlight’s versatility is its 4 interchangeable LED head attachments. Swap from the 7-LED floodlight, 1- and 3-Watt spotlights, or the 10” Flex Tube Light to meet any lighting requirements the situation calls for. Additionally, outdoor enthusiasts also benefit from the light’s red and green colored filters to reduce eye strain while performing tasks in the dark.

XREXS Solar Powered LED Flashlight

The XREXS Solar Powered LED Flashlight produces a whopping 380 lumens, illuminating your way up to 200 meters. It charges via solar power or by using the included USB port and cable. Other features that make this a top choice are its additional features. More than just a solar flashlight, it is also a great emergency tool. It comes with a built-in belt cutter, hammer point for breaking glass in an emergency, and even a compass on the tail of the light to help you navigate during your next adventure. Also, the attached magnet adds hands-free mounting capabilities in case you need both hands to work in the dark.

With substantial lighting power and many additional features, this solar-powered flashlight makes for a very versatile tool for any outdoor enthusiast!

Fusion Solar Flashlight

The Fusion Solar Flashlight from EcoCentricNow provides reliability and durability in a sleek, compact tool. Its aircraft aluminum body makes this solar flashlight water and shock resistant, and the convenient size of only 4.5” makes it perfect to keep in your backpack, or even your glove box for those emergency situations.

Solar energy is collected via the polycrystalline solar panel and once fully charged, provides up to 6 hours of light per charge, meaning it won’t leave you in the dark when you need it the most.

If you’re looking for a compact, reliable solar light the Fusion Solar Flashlight is a great choice.

The Outdoor Enthusiast knows that a sturdy, reliable, solar flashlight is one of the most important tools to have equipped on any excursion. With our picks, we’re sure you won’t be left in the dark!

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