STEM Project Based Learning – Hands-on Problem Solving

STEM Problem Based Learning

STEM Project Based Learning (PBL) leads to higher academic achievement

Educators and parents today are wondering what matters most in education: being able to learn material and answer questions on a test or apply that knowledge in life. Project Based Learning (PBL) can solve that dilemma by providing instruction based on real-world situations. Now that the “real world” has evolved into the 21st century of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), it makes sense that the best way to prepare students for life and careers is to utilize Project-based STEM Learning. “Why and how does PBL solve that dilemma?” one may ask.

PBL Independent Studies

Recently, PBL was the subject of four separate studies conducted by the University of Washington, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Stanford University. These studies evaluated students from elementary, middle, and high school and consisted of advanced-placement high school students, sixth graders, and second and third graders. Areas of the country assessed were Seattle and Des Moines (University of Washington), Michigan (MSU and UM), and California (Stanford). Outcome: students who learn through PBL have higher academic achievement, gain critical thinking skills and the ability to solve problems, learn collaboration, and overcome diversity and inequality hurdles.

Age Limitations surrounding STEM Project Based Learning

Even with the clear benefits of PBL; however, school districts and educators struggle with putting it into practice. Finding a project that applies to kindergarten students and withstands their attention span is difficult as is finding one for high schoolers that use multiple disciplines. Teachers need support and proven resources to challenge their students. EcoCentricNow (ECN) meets those needs through its STEM Educational Products including Shake Light 40B human powered rechargeable flashlights and an assortment of STEM educational merchandise.

EcoCentricNow LLC (ECN) STEM Program Support

ECN supports STEM learning through an assortment of educational kits and hands-on devices. Students use our products to learn about electrical circuitry, computer coding, green energy, electromagnetism, basic electricity, and radio transmissions. Governments and industry recognize the future of electricity generation must include green energy technologies, and ECN’s products provide educators with projects that explore alternative energy concepts and their applications. Consequently, they can equip their students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the real world.

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