Rebate Programs – Understanding the Roadblocks!

Rebate from Utility and Govt Agencies

Understanding rebate program requirements from utilities or government backed programs can be a headache. The gambit of obstacles requiring navigation are numerous and time consuming to address.

Understanding Rebate Roadblocks

Rebate programs typically have set budgets. Once the money’s gone program incentives are either concluded or suspended until monies are reauthorized.

The types and mixture of rebate programs is complicated and evolving. Sometimes programs change when a state shifts focus toward energy efficient legislation instead of offering economic incentives. Other times program changes may result from movement towards larger projects or reducing the dollars available for specific types of improvements.  

Other roadblocks happen when a state or utility outsources to third party administrators the application or submission process. Generally, the more touches the less efficiency; consequently, greater delays in an approval process or receiving the rebate. Some utilities implement a midstream rebate program where the amount paid is deducted directly from the invoice. These programs limit property managers selection of distributors or contractors they can partner with.

Finally, the range of rebate programs is inconsistently implemented across utilities and government agencies. This is true at the local, state and national landscapes. Utilities and government agencies establish incentives and product requirements that are anything but uniform.

Challenges Yes… Worthwhile -Absolutely

Ok enough with the roadblocks. The bottom line, implementing upgrades to lighting systems and other energy efficient technologies provides businesses with cost savings and supports environmental stewardship. Rebates exist and should be pursued to accelerate installation of greener technologies. At the end of the day the amount of effort to obtain a rebate from a utility or government program is worthwhile even if it’s a challenge to make happen. Good planning including contacting the appropriate rebate entity or entities prior to project implementation will ease the frustration and put money back in the business coffers.

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