What is the Best Flashlight for Camping?

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Shake Lights Are Often the Ideal Camping Flashlights

Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman, casual camper, or somewhere in between, flashlights are one of the most vital tools to have by your side when out in the wild. Compact in size, the flashlight is always ready to illuminate the path ahead, find items in the dark, or even signal for help. From battery-operated, rechargeable, crank and shake lights, there are plenty of options to meet your needs. Flashlights are invaluable thanks to their versatility and EcoCentricNow has plenty of options to keep you safe on your next adventure!

Some of our top choices:

Nightstar JP Shake Light

When you’re out in the wilderness, access to electrical resources may be extremely limited – if available at all. Why get stranded in the dark? The Nightstar JP Shake Flashlight has everything you need to make it one of the best, most versatile options to have by your side. With its no-battery design, a quick, 30-second shake gives this flashlight its charge and illuminates objects up to 40+ feet away. Thanks to its polycarbonate housing, the Nightstar JP Shake Flashlight withstands a drop from 4 feet high, cold and hot temperature extremes, and is even waterproof to depths exceeding 200 feet! Compact, lightweight, and tough, this shake light doesn’t require batteries or electrical outlet cables, meaning it will never leave you stranded! 

Not only will the Nightstar JP illuminate your path it will also make sure you’re on the right one! It also serves double duty as a compass. When suspended horizontally, the front face of the flashlight points to magnetic North, making sure you always know where you’re heading. 

This maintenance-free, durable shake light also comes with a 5-year warranty, making it a must-have for your next camping trip. 

Nightstar Green LED Shake Light

Up next is the Nightstar Green LED Shakelight. While sharing many of the features NightStar JP offers, the Nightstar Green LED has a few other tricks up its sleeve making it an ideal option for outdoorsmen who need to get a little more serious in the dark. The green LED beam throw is like its JP counterpart at 40+ feet. With its lower light color temperature, green lights help preserve the user’s night vision and reduce eye strain normally incurred by white light usage. Green lights are also noted to attract certain species of fish and wildlife. Making it the perfect option for hunting or fishing while camping, without the risk of startling the object of your attention. 

The shake light is housed in a poly-carbonate shell; is corrosion proof, impact resistant, waterproof up to 200+ feet, and comes with EcoCentricNow’s 5-year warranty!


While not a shake light, we do have to put the TAC-510XL light on this list as well. If we’re talking camping and flashlights, then we are talking about the dark, pitch-black of night as well. Which means we need light, and lots of it. The TAC-510XL has a whopping 670 feet of effective beam distance, making sure you’ll see what’s right in front of you, and what is way down the path ahead. An illuminated path is a safe one, and the TAC-510XL gives you that. 

A glass-filled polymer housing makes this flashlight shockproof, waterproof, and durable. The Lithium-ion battery can be charged by inserting the light into its charging holster and utilizing the nearest AC or DC power outlet. No outlet? No problem. An additional benefit of the TAC-510XL is that it is also powered by CR123A batteries! 

Whatever your experience level is, EcoCentricNow has plenty of flashlight options to ensure all your future camping trips are safe!

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