What is the Best Outdoor Security Floodlight?

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When the sun goes down and the world goes dark, we rely on the wonder of electricity to provide us safety by way of lighting. Fundamental to the well-being of our customers and employees, outdoor security floodlights deliver unparallel property illumination. With many options available, EcoCentricNow’s selections offer lighting solutions that address your outdoor security floodlight needs.

Our suggestions for choosing the best outdoor security floodlight: 

Illumination of Floodlights

Obviously, if we are speaking of choosing the best outdoor security floodlight, luminosity is a primary consideration. Basically, lumens are the amount of visible light emitted from a source over a given unit of time. The higher the lumen output, the better we can illuminate an area that will otherwise be a safety concern once night falls. For instance, the LEDMPALPRO 80-140 Area Lights range in lumen output from 9,816 to 17,683 lumens; and the LEDMALPRO 200-300 Area Lights provide a range of 26,924 to 45,356 lumens. Absent or dim lighting provides cover for would-be security threats, but with these flood light output options, you’ll be able to deter any security threat. 

Design/Location of Outdoor Security Floodlights

Design and location play another key role in picking the best outdoor security floodlights. WHERE you need light is just as important as the amount of light required. Do you need to install lighting on the perimeter walls of your building or in stairwells? Then lights like a Full Cutoff Wall Pack provide the perfect mounting and lighting solution. While these are normally fixed-position lights, we also offer fully adjustable options as well. Is lighting a parking lot or sports field a requirement? Then fixture-mountable floodlights like the LEDMALPRO 200-300 floodlights are an excellent choice. With several mounting options and light output up to 45,356 lumens these area lights can be mounted high above the intended area of illumination. 

Light Distribution Type for the Outdoors

You may be aware of how many lumens your fixture projects, but have you ever considered the SHAPE of the light it emits? That’s right, lighting options also come in different shapes, or Light Distribution Patterns. The LEDMPALPRO 50 Area light is a Type V light; it produces light in a 360-degree pattern, with equal intensity across the illuminated area. Other area lights, like the LEDMALPRO 300 are available in an optional Type III pattern. This pattern produces light in a width of 40 degrees, making it ideal for positioning to the sides, or around the perimeter of an area. By picking the correct light distribution type, you can ensure that your property is safe and secure. This is a crucial factor when selecting the best outdoor security floodlight for your property.

Combining these factors allows customers to assess their lighting needs guaranteeing a solution that optimizes security and safety. When factoring light output, design, and distribution pattern into a purchasing decision our customers install a lighting solution that improves occupant security and area use throughout the nighttime hours.   

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