DLC Horticultural Draft Policy V2.0

DLC Horticultural Draft Policy V2.0

DLC Releases Version 2.0 Updated Draft for Horticultural Lighting 

New horticultural lighting standards are addressed in DLC’s 2.0 version. With a proposed effective date of January 4, 2021, Design Light Consortium (DLC) seeks comments by Tuesday June 16, 2020 for revisions to the proposed standard. Input should be submitted via the V2.0 Comment Form or by email to comments@desgnlights.org.

DRAFT Technical Requirements for LED-based Lighting: Version 2.0 

Key updates to horticultural lighting products requirements are presented in Version 2.0. Updates address the transition from traditional lighting data and metrics to specific lighting data and metrics for the horticultural industry. The intent is to improve representation of horticultural lighting performance. In addition, V2.0 also introduces a process for family grouping of products as well as private labeling of existing listed OEM products.  

Revision Summary 

1. Increase efficacy threshold  

  • Efficacy threshold has been increased to ≥ 2.10 µmol × J-1.   
  • Value allows top 85% of products to remain listed, in terms of photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE),   

2. Align with ASABE Terminology (S640)  

  • Updated policy language to align with and reference the definitions from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers  

3. Align with UL 8800  

  • Products are required to be certified by an OSHA NRTL or SCC recognized body to ANSI/UL 8800 (ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 8800)  

4. Requires TM-33-18 Reporting  

  • Requirement that PPID and SQD information is presented in the TM-33-18 document format  

5. Family Grouping  

  • Seeks feedback on the addition of family grouping to the LED horticultural lighting program. Goal is to reduce testing burden and manufacturer application fees for groups of products.  

6. Introduce Private Labeling  

  • Feedback regarding private labeling of lighting products that are identical to OEM products already listed on the Horticultural QPL  
  • Private label products would not need to go through redundant testing and application fees. 

View DLC website for draft policy atit https://www.designlights.org/news-events/news/new-dlc-draft-policy-draft-horticultural-technical-requirements-v2-0/ 

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