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Articles about events and new stories focused on environmental issues impacting sustainability, safety, and health. Environmental stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

East Coast Earthquake of 2024. Natural Disaster Alert for the Tri-state Area.

East coast earthquake location shown on map

On April 5th, 2024, residents in New Jersey, New York, Pennsyvania and beyond experienced a moderate earthquake. A natural phenomenon that is unusual for the U.S. east coast. Measuring magnitude 4.8 on the Richter scale the widespread shaking fortunately only caused minor damage. Although the physical ramifications were negligible the phycological effect of the ground […]

Shake Flashlight Demand Following Japan’s Noto Peninsula Earthquake

Rescuers survey earthquake damage.

A rising demand for shake flashlights by Japan emergency responders is taking place because of a devastating 7.6-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan’s Ishikawa on January 1, 2024. The quake caused at least 232 confirmed deaths, with Wajima City severely affected. The popular Wajima Morning Market suffered extensive damage, resulting in additional casualties. The earthquake caused […]

Electrical Blackout Meal Preparation. Cooking the Old-fashioned Way. 

Fallen tree across powerline creates electrical blackout

A power outage for many Americans means hardship. Especially when it comes to cooking a meal. In the past, toasters, microwaves, and electric ovens didn’t exist, yet people successfully cooked hearty, flavorful meals for their families. Tasty meal preparation during an electrical blackout can be a simple and enjoyable experience.  Electrical cooking appliances ended daily […]

Lithium Mining: Environmental and Social Impact of Mineral Extraction

Lithium mineral presentation in periodic table, ore, and batteries

Lithium mining is becoming the gold rush of the 21st century. Lithium is in high demand as consumers gravitate to electric vehicles and power banks that store electricity generated from solar panels and wind turbines. Picture this, a vast expanse of 750,000 acres in the middle of Chile’s Atacama Desert. Vibrant blue and yellow ponds […]

Solar Energy Growth in the United States: Future Projections

Clear light bulb containing tree and solar panel reflecting solar power growth

In December, the SUN DAY Campaign analyzed official government reports pertaining to U.S. power generation. They found that renewable energy solar power growth is increasing among electrical generation sources in the United States. According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), solar power now constitutes 7.3% of the country’s total installed generating capacity. Despite this […]

Winter Emergency Preparedness: A Guide to Keeping Safe and Secure

Winter Emergency Preparedness

Winter is a season of snowflakes, warm clothes and blankets, and the joy of holiday festivities. Winter also brings many safety challenges as well. Challenges that demand a proactive approach to ensure you and your family are winter-ready. Prepare to conquer cold temperatures and freezing conditions with our Winter Emergency Preparedness guide. Tips for a […]

Night Sky Light Pollution Threatens Star Visibility, Human and Wildlife Behavior

Night Sky Light Pollution

Night sky light pollution has diminished the beauty of dark skies for a while now, and excessive artificial illumination is the major cause. Light pollution disrupts the ecosystem’s natural day-night flow impacting wildlife behavior and human health. Imagine being a nocturnal creature trying to navigate the world with a perpetual spotlight on you, it’s not […]

Rapidly Increasing Hurricane Intensification is Escalating Property Damage and Loss of Life.

rapidly increasing hurricane intensification

Increased thermal energy stored in the Atlantic Ocean is providing fuel for rapidly increasing hurricane intensification. In the journal Scientific Reports a study of 830 Atlantic hurricanes shows a clear pattern of rapid storm development. Cyclone Trend Analysis Over the Past 50 years Statistically, 8.1% of the hurricanes occurring between the years 2000 to 2020 […]

Dangerous Coastal Development. Population Growth in Flood-prone Areas.

Dangerous coastal development leads to increased destruction.

Dangerous coastal development is exacerbated by rising ocean levels related to a warming planet. A disturbing trend in developing countries is the increase in population growth in areas prone to disastrous flooding. According to a United Nations study, the increasing frequency and intensity of storms poses a higher risk of property destruction and loss of […]

LED Energy Saving Lighting; Africa Phasing Out CFLs. Improving Quality of Life!

LED energy saving lighting Africa CFL Elimination

Africa Region requesting the global lighting industry to support an amendment to mercury-lamp phase-out plans. In 2021, Roger Baro wrote to LEDs Magazine highlighting the significance of phasing out fluorescent lights that contain mercury through the Minamata Convention on Mercury C0P4 on behalf of the African region. The governments are working to phase out the […]