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Articles about events and new stories focused on environmental issues impacting sustainability, safety, and health. Environmental stewardship refers to responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

Renewable Energy and the Societal Benefits of a Global Power Generation Transition

Renewable energy transition is essential for a sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Implementation Goes Beyond Power Generation and Global Warming   Power generation around the planet is being converted to renewable energy sources. Electrical energy is a critical element to our daily lives and dependence upon a reliable power grid is increasingly important. There are a variety of ways in which electricity is generated including the […]

Environmental Stewardship Education. Learning and Practicing Conservation and Sustainability.

Environmental Stewardship Education Nature's Beauty

Earth’s rapidly changing environment impacts everybody regardless of location. Environmental stewardship education includes youth and adult students alike. With increasing evidence of negative human impact on the environment which includes rising oceans, destructive severe weather, loss of wildlife habitat and extinction of large numbers of animal and plant species, its critical ecological awareness is taught […]

Best Flashlight Versatile Use Torches from Fuji EnviroMax at EcoCentricNow LLC

Best Flashlight Versatile Use Fuji Enviromax

Flexible feature handheld lighting. An assortment of use capabilities for work, safety, and fun activities. Sometimes you need a flashlight that provides a range of capabilities, a proverbial Swiss army knife of handheld lights. Fuji Enviromax Flashlight Models 127, 128, and 132 comprise their Best Flashlight Versatile Use line up. Individual models are less than […]

Top Safety Lighting Products for First Responders

Safety Lighting for First Responders

Disaster can strike at any time. Always at the ready, first responders leap into action the second duty calls and they need tools that they can trust won’t fail them. When time is of the essence, reliable lighting can mean the difference between life or death.

Sustainable Practices – Why They Matter!

Sustainable Stakeholders Diagram

Sustainable behavior is key to reversing the effects of “our” planet’s environmental degradation. Every day the media reminds us of the rapidly changing environment and its negative impact on fauna and flora alike. Most citizens and businesses recognize the imperative to change our practices of land development, fossil fuel use, non-stop manufacturing, and excessive consumption […]

Upcycling Used Plastics. New Products from Discarded Plastic & Organic Waste

Upcycling used plastics is a revolutionary technology

Upcycling Used Plastics to Create Nanotubes and Clean Fuel Upcycling used plastics is a revolutionary technology developed to reduce plastic and agricultural organic waste. Through a two-step process these waste streams are blended to produce high-value products including carbon nanotubes and clean liquid fuel.   Organic waste can be any plant-based biomass product from agricultural operations, food […]

Solar Energy “greener” Cleaner Electricity. DOE Solar Future Study

Solar Energy DOE the Solar Future Study

Solar energy is fulfilling the need for a “greener” and cleaner source of electricity. According to “The Solar Futures” study completed by the Department of Energy, by the year 2035, solar power can potentially supply 40% of United States electricity demands.

Light Pollution Impacts and How We Can Reduce It?

Light Pollution impacts human and animal well being.

Light pollution is everywhere. The glow on the distant horizon of an approaching town or city. Attempting to look at the stars on a perfectly clear night only to see a few when you know a thousand points of light should be visible. Flying at night and gazing out the window to see dots of […]

The Environmental Impact of COVID-19

Covid-19 Environmental Impact is a Roller Coaster

Covid-19 presented a rollercoaster 2020 year for the environment. While a global pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy, the planet received a much-needed break from emissions-intensive sectors. Not only did large cities see some of the clearest skies in decades, but a surging trend in renewable energy could pave the way to similarly clear skies […]

Blue Ocean Competitions

Renewable Energy Powering the Blue Economy

Powering the Blue Economy The U.S. Department of Energy continues to promote a series of competitions focused on Powering the Blue Economy. As the name implies these competitions tackle a range of ocean related business development opportunities. The competition “seeks innovators to integrate marine renewable energy with ocean observation platforms, ultimately revolutionizing our capability to […]

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