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Best Flashlight Versatile Use Fuji Enviromax

Flexible feature handheld lighting. An assortment of use capabilities for work, safety, and fun activities.

Sometimes you need a flashlight that provides a range of capabilities, a proverbial Swiss army knife of handheld lights. Fuji Enviromax Flashlight Models 127, 128, and 132 comprise their Best Flashlight Versatile Use line up. Individual models are less than seven inches in length, lightweight, and easily fit in your pocket, backpack, and vehicle glovebox. Designed to take a beating, each Fuji flashlight model is rated to withstand drops from one meter high. Whether your lighting needs are for typical use, managing a power outage, or enjoying a camping adventure, the Fuji Versatile Use line up has you covered. As a bonus, each flashlight is packaged with Fuji Enviromax AAA batteries. 

Multiple features can be a life saver.

Best Flashlight Model 127 makes handsfree work area illumination a breeze. Equipped with a powerful magnet inserted into the flashlight base, this light securely attaches to any magnetic-metal surface or can be suspended from its head installed steel suspension ring. Need more, the articulating head pivots 90-degrees allowing lighting of hard to see work areas. Flashlight capabilities are further enhanced with the 160-lumen telescopic COB lantern, flood illuminating the general area with bright white light. A non-slip grip impact resistant polymer plastic body is available in yellow or black. Fuji Enviromax Flashlight Model 127 shines for up to 4.5 hours and operates on four AAA primary batteries.  

Best Flashlight Versatile Use Model 128. A lightweight, 3.5-ounce, handheld light that works as a 95-lumen flashlight, 160-lumen COB floodlight, or a red LED stroboscopic emergency beacon. Molded from ABS plastic, the flashlight is impact and water resistant. Compact, Model 127 is no slouch in light projection. In flashlight mode Model 127 beam illuminates’ objects to a throw distance of 35 meters. Operating in floodlight mode, this flashlight brightens a wide area with lantern light to 5-meters. The red LED strobe provides added visibility when walking in the dark or when signaling for emergency assistance. Need hands free use, a magnet installed in the flashlight head attaches to any magnetic-metal surface supporting flashlight suspension. Powered by two primary AAA batteries, Model 127 run-time is 3 hours. The easy to operate body mounted push button switch controls each light mode. Two body colors, orange and black, are available. A fantastic compact flashlight for camping, routine use, or the emergency kit.

Best Flashlight Model 132. Beam options abound with this rugged handheld light. For starters, the black anodized housing, machined from aircraft grade aluminum, is IPX4 water resistant rated. Illumination flexibility abounds with five beam options including low, medium, high, blinding security strobe, and SOS signaling. Flashlight activation results from depressing the tail mounted rubber encased push button switch. The Cree XML T6 LED beam throw distance is enhanced by the zoom focused bezel lens collimating the light to illuminate objects to 155-meters. Model 132 is only six inches in length and weighs 5.5-ounces. Capable of operating for 3.5-hours on three AAA primary batteries, this flashlight serves the needs of professional contractors and retail purchasers alike.  

LED lighting options for all your illumination needs.

A wide selection of Fuji Enviromax best flashlight versatile use handheld torches are available at EcoCentricNow. We offer individual lights and wholesale quantities. Contact ECN for details.

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