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Shake LED Rechargeable Flashlights: NightStar White LED, NightStar Green LED, and Shake Light 40

Rechargeable LED shake flashlights use either a capacitor or NiMH battery to store electricity. Both flashlights provide freedom from replacement batteries and years of maintenance free use.

NightStar Shake Flashlights

NightStar torches are the only rechargeable flashlight that is capacitor powered. The potential energy in a capacitor is stored in an electric field, where a battery stores its potential energy in a chemical form. This means NightStar can withstand years, even decades of use with zero maintenance. Capacitor lights discharge faster than battery lights but also recharge faster. Learn more!

Shake Light 40 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Shake Light 40-B incorporates a NiMH battery for energy storage. In general, batteries have a higher energy density for energy storage supporting longer flashlight operating time. The linear generator, i.e. high field strength magnet that passes through a copper wire coil, is the same for both flashlights. Shake Light 40-B compact size and recharge capabilities makes it ideal for camping, emergencies, and STEM Program renewable energy education. Learn more!