EcoCentricNow LLC – About Us

EcoCentricNow LLC (ECN) distributes LED property lighting, flashlights, safety equipment and batteries. Our customers include retailers, contractors and volume purchasing end users; notably, commercial businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Offering a combination of proprietary and manufacturer selected products, EcoCentricNow LLC supplies the electrical trades, property management, emergency preparedness, recreation, education, and green markets.

Extensive Selection of Interior and Exterior LED Property Lighting

LED property lighting is USA distributed from warehouse locations in California and Ohio. Overall, lighting lines undergo one or more independent certifications including: Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Design Light Consortium (DLC), Intertek Testing Laboratories (ETL), Energy Star (ES), RoHS and FCC. All lighting is backed by a minimum 5-year warranty.

Battery Powered and Handheld Flashlights and Lanterns

EcoCentricNow LLC quality merchandise includes handheld lighting manufactured by Bayco, Solar LED Innovations and our own proprietary lights. Bayco is an industry leading ISO 9001 manufacturer of commercial, industrial and military flashlights and lanterns. Manufacturing innovative lighting with patented dual-beam technology, Bayco lights are extensively used by police, fire, military, commercial and industrial personnel. Exclusive company merchandise includes NightStar No Battery Shake Flashlights, Shake Light 40 rechargeable flashlight, Vortex Crank flashlight and SL1 Capacitor Lantern. Recognized globally as the Best Shake Flashlight, NightStar capacitor and mag-lev technology withstands decades of maintenance free use. EcoCentricNow catalog also includes solar flashlights, solar lanterns, and solar panel chargers. We also offer an assortment of safety lights and an educational physics publication that explains the principals behind renewable energy systems based on magnetic force technology.

Wide Assortment of Batteries

Supporting flashlight operation in addition to other devices, EcoCentricNow LLC distributes the full line of Fuji batteries to power low, medium and high drain devices. Battery sizes include AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and button cells. We also offer batteries manufactured by Duracell and Energizer. Fuji alkaline batteries are mercury and cadmium free and manufacturing does not emit ozone depleting chemicals. Packaging utilizes a minimum 75% recycled materials and batteries undergo leak tightness testing to prevent environmental discharge of chemicals.

EcoCentricNow LLC Business Philosophy

EcoCentricNow LLC customers require quality merchandise, which delivers excellent performance and reliability. Our business reputation is centered on the principal of fairly-priced products that stand the test of time. Our tagline “Innovative Products that Deliver Lasting Performance” defines our business philosophy.