Shake Flashlights: NightStar’s, Shake Light 40 & Accessories

Rechargeable shake flashlights use a capacitor or NiMH battery to store electrical energy in their storage cell aka battery. Shaking the LED flashlight so the rare earth magnet passes through the copper wire coil generates electricity, which recharges the battery. The very efficient shake charging system provides years of maintenance free operation. These lights are also known as Forever Flashlights.

NightStar LED Shake Flashlights

NightStar’s are globally recognized as the first and best no battery rechargeable shake flashlight. A capacitor stores the electrical energy. Providing decades of worry-free illumination, a NightStar mechanically powered flashlight is the ultimate emergency light. Using a white or green LED the light is capable of daily use or lighting the way during a power outage. With a crush resistant poly-carbonate plastic housing, available in clear or black, the light operates in extreme hot or cold conditions. In addition, NightStar is submersible to depths exceeding 200 feet and floats. Another unique feature is suspending the light horizontally to operate as a compass. The optically engineered acrylic lens points to magnetic north.

Shake Light 40 LED Flashlight

Shake Light 40 rechargeable shake flashlight is the smaller version of NightStar. Using a rechargeable NiMH battery this lightweight 7-inch long shake light is ideal for everyday use, camping and the emergency kit. It’s also ideally suited as a demonstration tool for teaching about renewable energy generation. The battery allows for light projection up to two hours. The robust design is shock resistant from drops of 4 feet.

Shake Light Accessories

Accessorizing both LED flashlights is the LightFinder Glow-N-Dark Wall Holster and the pdf download version of the NightStar Physics Guide. LightFinder uses a luminescent additive that allows the holster to glow for up to 8 hours. Charging is performed by exposure to ambient light. The flashlight holster is the ideal storage device for locating your flashlight in the dark and having immediate room orientation.

NightStar Physics Guide is written for Grades 9 and up. The education guide is chock full of physics concepts including Principles of Newtonian Relativity, Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, Snell’s Law of Refraction and Fermat’s Principle of Least Time. This wonderfully written publication explains how magnetism, energy storage, and light refraction and reflection converge into a highly efficient LED shake flashlight.