Bravoled LED Lighting. Interior and Exterior Luminaires of Exceptional Quality and Performance

Interior LED Lighting

Bravoled LED Lighting – Interior and Exterior Illumination

Bravoled LED lighting is changing the commercial, industrial and residential property landscape by delivering a variety of benefits. Paybacks come in many forms including improved lighting for work and play, lower energy consumption with the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gases, enhanced security, new ways of expressing architectural design, and lower operating cost. An added benefit to transitioning to LED luminaires is possible inclusion in utility company rebate programs.

Bravoled LED lighting, distributed by EcoCentricNow LLC (ECN), provides a wide assortment of interior and exterior LED luminaires for the residential and commercial marketplace. Visit and click the LED Property Lighting link for lighting features and specifications.  We recommend periodically returning to the web site for new lighting products are frequently added.

Not All LED Lighting is the Same!  

Not all LED lighting is the same.  Bravoled is an industry leader in LED light engineering and manufacturing. With over 50 patents Bravoled luminaires are at the forefront of solid state lighting (SSL). Designed to provide years of lasting performance each light is backed by a 5 year warranty. In addition, each lighting line undergoes independent laboratory testing ensuring lights comply with one or more national and internationally recognized certification standards including Underwriters Laboratories (UL/cUL), Design Light Consortium (DLC), Intertek Testing Laboratories (ETL) and Energy Star (ES).

Bravoled LED Lighting Manufacturing 

Manufacturing is performed at the companies ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 factories with 2016 annual production capacity exceeding 30 million units. USA distribution is managed from warehouse operations located in Newark, Delaware.

LED lighting is no longer thought of as “off in the future”. The future is here and LED lighting is recognized globally as the standard for illumination.

About EcoCentricNow LLC (ECN) 

EcoCentricNow LLC (ECN) manufactures and distributes proprietary and third party LED lighting merchandise and accessories to Retailers, Contractors and Industrial, Institutional and Commercial customers.  Our catalog includes an assortment of renewable energy and standard design LED flashlights, headlamps and safety equipment, a wide range of interior and exterior LED property lighting and an extensive line of batteries from multiple suppliers.

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